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Capstone Project Defense Passed

We congratulate pastor Glem Melo for passing his Capstone Project defense at Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, IN. His 32-page paper is entitled “A Ministry of Mercy: Gospelizing Muslims.” He will graduate with the degree of Master of Theological Studies … Continue reading

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Park Community Church (North Rogers Park location)

By Pastor Glem Melo Today, Giona and I began serving in the worship team of Park Community Church in its North Rogers Park location, Chicago, IL. Please pray for this dear, replanting congregation of the Lord. They are worshipping, doing life together, … Continue reading

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  #CookinNepalese #JamminHindi #Jaimasee

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He Arrived, Let’s Return

“Can you think of something in your life, family, church, and/or country that needs a fresh start? The message that John the Baptist preached is the gospel of new beginning — the arrival of the kingdom of God in Christ … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, Christ’s World!

#JesusIsAlive #BelieveTheResurrection #HaveHope #HeForgives #HeHeals #HeProvides #HeIsLifeFromTheDead – Pastor Glem Melo Photo by Giona Melo

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