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A Poem by Giona Melo* Pride is a thing that can clog love from our heart. Pride is a thing that can keep us apart. Pride is a thing that can hinder our soul. Pride is a thing that can … Continue reading

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InterVarsity Chicagoland

by Pastor Glem Melo My daughter Giona (girl, 11) and I were blessed and privileged to attend a monthly inter-chapter meeting of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the Chicagoland area. We were glad to meet the staff, student leaders and some … Continue reading

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Letter to a Fellow Servant-Worker in the Mission Field

By Pastor Glem Melo Sharing my letter to a fellow servant-worker in the mission field. I pray and hope that this can serve as a source of encouragement and edification to you. Thank you for opening up your heart to me. … Continue reading

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Ministry to Students from China

By Pastor Glem Melo We thank the Lord for the opportunity that the Lord has given me and my family to serve, help and encourage an inter-church cross-cultural mission outreach to students from China who are studying at Purdue University … Continue reading

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